How to Buy Cookies | Girl Scouts
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Girl Scout Cookies® will be shipping nationwide.

Skill #1: Goal Setting
Girl Scouts learn how to set goals and create a plan to reach them, enabling amazing experiences for themselves and their troops all year long, while helping others too.
Skill #2: Decision Making
Girl Scouts learn to make decisions on their own and as a team, whether it's how to run and promote their cookie sale, interact with customers, or spend their earnings.
Skill #3: Money Management
Girl Scouts learn to expand their money smarts while running their own cookie business and create a budget to fund the experiences they want to share as a troop.
Skill #4: People Skills
Girl Scouts find their voice and build confidence through customer interactions, developing valuable skills that will help them succeed in school, in business, and in life.
Skill #5: Business Ethics
Girl Scouts learn to act ethically—lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime of leadership and success.
Introducing Raspberry Rally™

This thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in chocolaty coating is sure to become a new favorite.

Youth Clothing

For sleepovers or snuggling up with cookies!